US: Young gay Brisbane man, 20, charged with ‘intentional’ HIV transmission



November 1, 2012
Source: star observer

The case against a HIV-positive Brisbane man accused of having unprotected sex and not disclosing his status continued last week with some changes made to the charges and bail conditions. X, 20, appeared before a short hearing where the prosecution and defence asked that one of the two charges against X be struck out.



October 22, 2012
Source: starobserver

A HIV-positive Brisbane man was granted bail in the Roma Street Magistrate’s Court on Friday morning after being charged with having unprotected sex with two men while being fully aware of and not disclosing his status.

X, 20, was charged with recklessly putting someone else at risk of contracting a controlled notifiable condition, namely HIV, and has been in police custody for three weeks.

The offences were alleged to have been committed between July 4 and September 27 of this year. X turned himself into local police accompanied by his partner.

X’s family and friends watched on in the court as the charges were laid out and the issue of bail was discussed.

Bail was initially refused to X on the grounds that he would be at risk of committing another offence. A plea was then made by the defence to consider his age and small size, which the defence believed would potentially make him very vulnerable if he were to remain in police custody.

The magistrate decided to grant bail after the defence also noted that the defendant had taken responsibility for his actions by turning himself into police and also accompanied the two men involved in the charges to have HIV testing done.

X was released on bail conditions that he stays at his father’s house, adhered to a curfew and reported to Logan Central Police Station daily. The prosecution did not oppose bail but are seeking the maximum sentence of 18 months.

No plea has been entered and the case was adjourned until this week.