Zimbabwe: Man, 43, on trial for ‘deliberate infection’, accused by former partner after relationship ends


Zimbabwe: Hubby in Court for Deliberate Infection

October 23, 2013
Source: Allafrica

A 43-year-old Kambuzuma man appeared in court on Monday on allegations of deliberately infecting his ex-wife with HIV after he allegedly married her while on HIV medication.The man was being charged with the deliberate transmission of HIV and his trial date has been set for November 18. Magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo remanded the man on US$50 bail.

Prosecutor Ms Sharon Mashavire alleged that the woman started staying with the man as husband and wife in October 2012. The court heard that during their stay together, the woman started feeling sick, felt pain in her private parts when urinating and developed sores around her private area. It is alleged that she went to Chitungwiza General Hospital where she received treatment and was advised to go for HIV testing and tested positive. The woman suspected that her husband was on HIV treatment and they talked about it and decided to live peacefully.

She reported to the police at Kambuzuma police station after separating with her husband this year. It is alleged that she was tested for HIV before she entered into the marriage and was found negative.