US: Woman in Arkansas charged with “willfully exposing another to HIV” for spitting at police officer

US: Tennessee man charged with three counts of criminal exposure to HIV for spitting on police officers

Kenya: House-help charged with “deliberate transmission of HIV” for spitting on her employer’s food

US: Woman charged with “reckless conduct of an HIV-infected person” for spitting on the arm of a police officer

Argentina: Man held at police station pending hearing for smearing blood on police officer

US: Florida woman charged with five counts of criminal transmission of HIV for spitting on paramedics

US: Man charged with third degree assault for spitting at police officer in Kentucky

France: Woman to pay compensation for moral damage related to “fear of exposure” after spitting at police officer

US: Man faces felony charges after resisting arrest and spitting on police officer

US: 35-year-old man sentenced in Pennsylvania for allegedly spitting at prison officers