US: Indiana prison inmate faces charges of "battery by bodily waste leading to infection" for spitting at prison officers

US: Indiana man charged with two counts of battery by bodily waste for spitting at medical staff

US: Man living with HIV sentenced to 12 years in prison for spitting on police officer

US: 22-year-old prisoner charged with aggravated assault in Pennsylvania for spitting on guard



US: Pennsylvania prison inmate faces felony charges after spitting at another inmate.

US: Man living with HIV charged in Texas for spitting at Police Officer




Australia: Queensland police upgrades charges against man accused of spitting at security guard because of suggested HIV

US: Alabama man charged with assault with bodily fluids for spitting on healthcare worker

US: Tennessee man faces HIV criminal exposure charges for spitting at police officer

US: Kentucky man charged with wanton endangerment and assault for spitting at emergency responder