US: Man charged with aggravated assault in Pennsylvania for spitting at police and yelling he was HIV-positive

UK: Woman accused of HIV exposure in Scotland for allegedly spitting blood at someone

US: Man charged for allegedly spitting at police officer during arrest in New York

US: HIV-positive inmate charged with reckless conduct in Georgia for allegedly spitting on prison officer

Australia: Queensland Supreme Court reduces sentence of HIV-Positive man convicted for dripping blood on police officer

US: 31-year-old man charged in Georgia with “assault by HIV infected person” for spitting at police officers

US: Woman charged with “intentional exposure” to HIV in Louisiana for spitting at medical staff

US: Indiana prison inmate faces charges of battery by bodily waste leading to infection for spitting at prison officers

US: Indiana man charged with two counts of battery by bodily waste for spitting at medical staff

US: Man living with HIV sentenced to 12 years in prison for spitting on police officer