US: Florida – 48-year old homeless woman faces charge of aggravated assault for spitting at police officer

US: Wisconsin man with HIV and hepatitis B / C charged with two felony counts of second-degree recklessly endangering safety for spitting in the faces of two hospital security officials

US: Pennsylvania judge hands down extra 2-4 year sentence to prisoner with HIV who ‘spat blood’ at guards

US: Oklahoma man arrested for ‘attempting to transfer HIV’ following allegations he spat at a woman

UK: Southport man who spat at and attempted to bite cops whilst threatening to infect them with HIV is jailed for 16 weeks; intent to infect was an aggravating factor said judge

Canada: Winnipeg man receives close to maximum prison sentence for attempted aggravated assault for spitting; saliva on a cop following Superior court appeal

Australia: Western Australian police can now force people who spit at or bite cops to undergo HIV and hepatitis B/C testing to "ease concern"

US: Mississippi man who spat at a cop during arrest charged under unscientific state HIV exposure law

US: Ohio local TV news claims that man who spit on hospital worker was using HIV "as a weapon"

US: Georgia man with HIV having treatment for seizures charged with ‘criminal exposure to HIV’ for spitting on hospital worker