Australia: More charges against African migrant in Adelaide

The 40 year-old African migrant previously charged with “two counts of endangering life after he exposed his partner to the HIV virus” and released on bail last month is now “facing five counts of an act to endanger life allegedly perpetrated against five women.”

It is still unclear from the latest report in Adelaide Now (which continues to print his name and show his photo) whether any of the five female complainants are now HIV-positive.

What has become clearer is that criminal charges were laid following failed public health intervention.

Prosecutor Lucy Boord has previously told the court [the man] had a “flagrant disregard” for the health of the women.

[The man] had allegedly ignored three Department of Public Health orders by allegedly having unprotected sex with them.

“The community is at risk of this accused because he continues to ignore any order issued,” Ms Boord said.

“The offending itself is extremely serious given… his flagrant disregard of the victims and their health.”

The prosecution has asked for more time “to gather evidence for the new charges”.

“There is still a large amount of information to come in this matter, including medical declarations,” Ms Boord said.

The man remains on bail and was ordered to appear in court again in July.