Sweden: 20 year-old man gets another eight months for second HIV exposure conviction

The 20 year-old Linköping man previously sentenced to two years in prison in 2008 for having unprotected sex without disclosure with seven women aged 17-25 and arrested last month for having unprotected sex without disclosing his HIV-positive status to a 15 year-old girl has been sentenced to a further eight months in prison and must pay 40,000 SEK (about 4,000 Euro) damages.

According to the brief report on SvD.com (English translation here) since he was on conditional release after serving 16 months of his original sentence, he will serve the eight months months he had left in addition to this eight month sentence, meaning he will spend 16 months in prison in total. Since the sex only took place last month, the girl’s HIV status is unclear.