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Ireland: Police HIV risk “as likely as being struck by asteroid”; compensation slashed

July 13, 2010

The risk faced by Irish police of occupational exposure to HIV and other blood-borne infections is “as likely as being struck by an asteroid,” according to expert testimony during a test compensation case conducted by Ms Justice Mary Irvine in … More

Ireland, UK, US: Spitting and biting cases highlight police ignorance

August 3, 2009

Whether its Fort Mill, South Carolina; Jacksonville, Florida; Rutland, Vermont; or Wimbledon in the UK, the police and media have been over-estimating the risk of HIV transmission from biting or spitting over the past two weeks with devastating consequences for … More

Ireland: Court agrees ‘HIV’ spit was provocation to kill

March 24, 2009

Brendan O’Connor, 25, who killed 50 year-old father of four Edward Clancy, “by stamping on his head with his full body weight” did so because he spat at him and he thought the man was HIV-positive. His plea of manslaughter … More

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