India: Case filed against husband for alleged HIV non-disclosure


HIV Positive Man disappears after infecting wife, Police registers case for THIS reason

September 9, 2023
Source: DNP India

An HIV Positive man married a woman by hiding about his Medical Condition from his wife. As Reported by Tricity, the wife is a resident of Pallavpuram and is now alleging that her husband ditched her by hiding about his illness that he was HIV Positive. The woman fell sick for many days and later found out that she is also HIV Positive. The woman was sent to her parents house by her In laws when she remained ill for long time. She has now filed a case against her husband in the Police station.

‘Man was HIV Positive before Marriage’

The girl was married to this man two years ago by her family. The man belonged to Meerut and the girls family had spent over 15 lakh rupees in the wedding. Even after giving so much money in dowry the Grooms’s family was not happy and they were continuously demanding money from their daughter in law. The woman alleged that her husband was HIV Positive before marriage and he hid the fact from the girl’s family.

Police Registers Complaint

According to Tricity, the woman’s family allege when their daughter fell sick she was beaten up by her in laws and sent back to her parents. After conducting multiple tests, the doctors found that the woman was HIV positive. Police is investigating the matter.