US: 34-year-old man sentenced in Idaho to 30 years for alleged HIV transmission


"Boise man sentenced to 30 years for purposely spreading HIV"

May 6, 2024
Source: Idaho News

Judge Webster told a Boise man that “Your conduct would be the Webster’s definition of a predator,” as he sentenced him to spend 30 years in prison.

34-year-old X has been sentenced to 30 years in prison, 16 years fixed, for “transferring body fluids containing the HIV virus, among other felony charges.

X, who is HIV positive, admitted to purposely having sexual contact with both men and teenage boys in hopes of transferring HIV to them, according to court records.

The investigation into X began in August 2023, when he began an online interaction with someone he believed to be a 15-year-old boy, but was actually an undercover Sheriff’s detective. X organized a meet-up for the purpose of having sex with the teenager when he was arrested. The investigation then uncovered dozens of felonies, including knowingly attempting to infect others with HIV through bodily fluids.

“This defendant’s repeated and egregious offenses negatively impacted many people in our community,” said Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts. “I want to thank the Ada County Sheriff’s Detective and my trial team. Their hard work on this case ensured Mr. X was brought to justice in order to protect our community from his predatory and dangerous conduct.”