US: 40-year-old man held in Ohio on felonious assault charges for alleged HIV transmission


HIV-positive man knowingly had unprotected sex in swingers group, victim says

January 18, 2024
Source: fox19

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – An alleged victim is calling for a man to stay behind bars after court records claim he knowingly had sex with people without disclosing that he is HIV positive.

Right now, 40-year-old X is being held in the Montgomery County Jail waiting to be brought back to Hamilton County on felonious assault charges, according to Hamilton County court documents.

Court records show last October, X knowingly engaged in sexual conduct without disclosing he tested positive for HIV, which can progress to AIDS.

A woman, who says she is one of X’s victims, talked with FOX19 NOW on Thursday.

She says she found out from another woman who provided her with X’s health records.

“She had said that she had spoken to a lot of different women and that’s how we found out that he was in the swingers group and stuff like that called Wicked Angels, and he had been at numerous parties from Michigan to Indiana to Ohio to wherever; all over the place and not having concerns with having unprotected sex,” the woman stated.

The woman says she was tested for HIV.

Fortunately, she says, her results came back negative, but she says the incident has brought on a lot of stress.

“He’s just out here randomly having sex and having this HIV and I am just trying to protect others,” the woman expressed to FOX19 NOW. “I don’t want anybody else to end up with something, even though I didn’t catch anything.”

It is unclear when X will be brought back to Hamilton County.

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