[Update]US: 42-year-old man, convicted in 2017 for alleged HIV non-disclosure, arrested again.


Tallahassee man convicted for transmission of HIV accused of failing to inform partner of status

August 19, 2019
Source: WTXL Tallahassee

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — A Tallahassee man who was convicted of infecting a person with HIV in 2017 is back in jail after being accused of again hiding his positive status.

According to court documents, Tallahassee Police responded to an apartment on Lake Avenue in regards to a victim being unknowingly exposed to HIV by the suspect on August 8.

Police say the victim met 43-year-old XX through a dating app called “Jack’d,” and arranged to go over his house for sex. The victim told police that he had been keeping track of the dates he met with and had consensual sex with X.

Documents say the first time the two met up was on July 17.

During their first meet up, the victim asked if X had any STD’s or if he was diagnosed with HIV. The victim said X stated that he did not have an STD or HIV and had not disclosed anything about his status on any other app.

The victim told police that the two engaged in consensual sex approximately seven times at X’s home. Police say over the course of their relationship, the victim would continue to ask if X had any diseases, but said X always denied any diagnosis.

On Aug.8 , the victim noticed that X’s status on Grindr had suddenly changed to “Undetectable.” The status on X’s Jack’d profile had also changed to show that he has HIV with “undetectable good health on medication,” according to documents.

The following day, investigators responded to X’s home to try and interview him about the accusations.

While at the home, investigators say X denied knowing the victim and refused to answer any further questions without a lawyer. During the investigation, police found information from a previous accusation against X from 2017.

Court documents say investigators obtained a search warrant for X’s medical records during that case. Investigators were able to confirm that X was HIV positive and that he had been diagnosed in the 1990’s.

ABC 27 first reported that X was arrested back 2017, after being accused of knowingly withholding his HIV positive status from a partner. Documents note that during the 2017 case, X admitted that he knew he was required to inform his potential partners of his status.

In the 2017 case, X plead no contest to unlawfully infecting a person with HIV and was sentenced to one year of community control followed by two years on probation.

Based on the evidence, X was arrested and transported to the Leon County Detention Facility.

Court documents say due to his prior conviction, he is facing a first degree felony charge on multiple violations for HIV infected person having sex w/o informing partner. He is also being charged for violation of probation.

As of Monday, X is being held in jail on a $5,000 bond.


Man accused of failing to inform partner of HIV status

December 8, 2017
Source: WTXL

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – A Tallahassee man has been arrested, accused of knowingly withholding his HIV positive status from a partner.

X, 42, was booked into the Leon County Detention Center on Thursday for having sex without informing a partner of his HIV status.

According to a probable cause document, X met the victim through an advertisement on an Internet-based application. After the victim had consensual sex with X, a friend sent the victim a picture of a Craigslist announcement.

According to the probable cause report, the announcement contained a screenshot of X. The posting said that X was HIV positive and warned he did not inform his partners of his status.

The victim then contacted the Tallahassee Police Department. The victim told them X did not disclose his HIV status before or after they had sex and said they didn’t use protection.

The victim showed investigators a picture of the Craigslist announcement along with a screenshot of another Craigslist advertisement X posted seeking sexual partners.

In an interview with investigators, X confirmed he was HIV positive and received his diagnosis in the 1990s. He was also able to identify the victim via a picture and said he believed they had sex.

X explained “he routinely engaged in casual sex with multiple partners he met via social media applications,” according to the court document, but did not inform partners of his HIV status unless he was asked directly.

He admitted that he knew he was required to inform them, but didn’t because he believed partners would change their mind and not have sex with him. X also told police he does not routinely use protection when engaging in casual sex.

At the end of the interview, investigators emphasized that he could be criminally charged for each sexual partner he failed to inform about his HIV status.

Though an investigation, officers confirmed X’s diagnosis and per Florida Statute 384.24 (2), a single charge was issued.

He turned himself in on Wednesday and has since bonded out of jail.