[Update]US: Illinois man imprisoned for ten years for HIV exposure (again)


Man imprisoned again for not telling sex partners he has HIV

March 28, 2008
Source: Chicago Sun Times

A paroled sex offender with a history of having sex with women who don’t know he is HIV positive is off to prison again for the same offense.

Twenty-four-year-old CY was sentenced to a decade behind bars after he pleaded guilty to two felony Madison County counts of criminal transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

The charges stem from incidents involving Y’s girlfriend and her sister.

Authorities have said the sisters, ages 19 and 26, were unaware Y was infected, and they have tested negative for the virus.

Investigators say Y had been living with his girlfriend and her two children since December.

Y served prison time on charges that he had sex in 2004 with a 15-year-old girl when he was HIV infected. Y was 21 at the time of that offense. AP



After Prison Release, Man Accused Of Criminal Transmission of HIV, Again

February 25, 2008
Source: KSDK News Channel 5

(KSDK) – He was convicted of exposing a teenager to HIV without her knowledge. Now, four months after being released from prison, a 24-year old Bethalto man is accused of doing the same thing again.

Right after he was released, police believe CY found a new girlfriend. They say he had unprotected sex with her and then also had sex with her sister.

For awhile though, Y appeared to be the perfect boyfriend, according to this woman, we’ll call “Susan”.

She says, “he sent me text messages and told me he loved me 40 times a day.”

But, it was what he wasn’t saying that came as a shock. Court documents show Y had been previously sentenced to prison for sexual abuse of a minor, and criminal transmission of HIV.

After four years, he was released in November. His girlfriend had no idea about the crime, or the disease.

She says, “It had been about two months that we had been together and he still hadn’t revealed any of that. I had to find out from the internet.”

In fact, there was an entire MySpace page devoted to Y sexual past. Susan believes it was set up by a former girlfriend as a warning. Still, despite her own exposure to HIV, Susan didn’t break up with him.

She says, “In my head I’m thinking oh my god if I get HIV, nobody’s ever going to want to be with me. So I didn’t break up with him right away because I figured if that were the case it would just be better to stay with him than be alone.”

Then last week, everything changed, according to police. Detective Craig Welch says, “Mr. Y was caught having sexual relations with the sister of the 24 year old woman by another family member.”

She says, “I figured if somebody who told me he loved me that much every day was willing to cheat on me with a family member, then what’s going to stop him from doing it with somebody else three months from now.”

CY now faces new charges for failing to register as a sex offender and for exposing the sisters to HIV. So far both have tested negative.

But it’s a different test Susan is worried about. She just found out she’s pregnant.

She says, “I guess you really can’t trust anybody. Because everything about our relationship was a lie.”

Y is being held in the Madison County Jail. A preliminary hearing has been set for mid-March.