US: Illinois woman makes HIV ‘exposure’ complaint immediately after learning HIV status of partner following condom failure during one night stand


Peoria police investigating alleged criminal transmission of HIV

February 25, 2016

PEORIA — Police are investigating whether a Peoria woman contracted HIV over the weekend from a man who knew he had the disease and criminally transmitted the virus.

No one has been arrested, and the woman did not yet definitively know whether she was HIV positive at the time the report was made Tuesday.

Any possible criminal case could be further complicated by the fact that the pair engaged in safe sex, but the condom came off, according to the police report.

A 27-year-old woman told police she met a 24-year-old man at a Downtown club between 1 and 2 a.m. Sunday, and the pair returned to her apartment to engage in consensual intimacy.

She told police they performed unprotected oral sex on each other, but he wore a condom when they had intercourse. The contraceptive, however, came off.

Later Sunday, the woman began receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be the girlfriend of the man she met at the club. The girlfriend was angry at first, but later became “informative” and told the woman the man she had been with the previous night was HIV positive — and he knew it, according to the report.

The girlfriend said she, too, had contracted HIV from the man, who has fathered three of her children, and suggested a visit to the doctor to get tested.

The woman told police she had scheduled an appointment for later this week.

The incident remains under investigation as criminal transmission of HIV, a Class 2 felony