US: Man charged in Oklahoma with three felony counts of “knowingly engaging in conduct to transfer HIV”

Man arrested for intentionally infecting women with HIV in US

Source: Vanguard

A 30-year-old man, X has been arrested and charged with deliberately spreading the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Oklahoma City, USA.

According to reports, X who was diagnosed with the virus in 2019 has allegedly infected no fewer than three women with HIV in Oklahoma City.

MSN said one of the victims who spoke on the condition of anonymity told OKC’s Fox 25 that women should be warned off moving close to him.

“It’s a deadly disease, but you can still live your life. I don’t have AIDS and I still have a life to live,” the victim said.

According to the victim, she began a sexual relationship with X in 2021. She shared that she began to feel sick, get lightheaded, and at times she would even pass out and that was when she decided to call her doctor.

“I would just faint and pass out. I would get so lightheaded that I would have these episodes and throw up for weeks,” she added.

It was then that the victim learned about her life-changing diagnosis. Police got involved when evidence showed X was aware of his status at the time he and the victim were intimate.

The victim took to social media to spread awareness about X, which caused other women to come forward with their stories as well.

According to another one of X’s alleged victims, she went to the doctor with X and realised he was HIV positive when he was given medications that day without having to have his blood tested.

X has been charged with three felony counts of knowingly engaging in conduct to transfer HIV. One of the women lamented that the diagnosis has taken a toll on her mental state.

“Mentally, it’s hard having to cope with this. I’m crying. There are programs they tell me about with medications and treatments,” she said.

She also claimed that there could be other women in danger and that people should immediately get tested.

“I just want to tell everyone that they need to get tested and to be careful. You never know who someone really is,” she said.