[Update]US: Michigan woman sentenced to time served and 5 years probation for HIV exposure charges in Kalamazoo





December 9, 2008
Source: Mlive

Ms W was sentenced to time served, 68 days, and placed on probation for five years by Judge Pamela L. Lightvoet. She had pleaded guilty in November to one count of failing to tell sexual partners she had tested positive for HIV.


Kalamazoo woman with HIV is the second person to face charges within a month

October 8, 2008
Source: Kalamazoo Gazette

A Kalamazoo woman faces felony charges for allegedly failing to tell two of her sexual partners that she has tested positive for carrying HIV.

BW, 36, was arraigned Monday in Kalamazoo County District Court on two counts of having sex with an uninformed partner, according to the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. She was being held in the county jail on $5,000 cash bond, Detective Sgt. Karianne Thomas said.It is the second such arrest in the Kalamazoo area in less than a month.

In September, TK, 25, of Kalamazoo, was charged with two counts of failing to notify sexual partners that he is HIV-positive. The incidents allegedly occurred in 2005. K also was charged with two additional counts Oct. 1 for alleged incidents in 2004.

BW is scheduled to be back in court Oct. 15 for a hearing regarding evidence against her. K’s hearing is scheduled for Oct. 22.