US: Missouri man charged with HIV exposure




Man charged with exposing woman to HIV

November 12, 2007
Source: Kansas City Star

Kansas City police charged a man Saturday with knowingly exposing a woman to HIV.

CW, 33, allegedly first spoke to the 37-year-old female victim when she called a telephone chat line in February. According to police records, W told her during that discussion that he was disease-free, and they met up and talked in person that night.

The next day, W called her, telling her that he wanted to come over to her house. The victim then picked him up and took him back to her home in Kansas City. That night she had unprotected consensual sex with him, and she continued to do so over the next several days. He never told her that he had HIV, the victim said.

Over the next couple months, the victim said she learned she had HIV when she became sick and was later hospitalized. She filed charges against W on Sept. 25.

When detectives questioned W at his home about the charges last month, he denied using a chat line in February or ever meeting the victim, though he did say he met another woman on a chat line three weeks earlier and that he had HIV. Medical records show that he tested positive for in 1991.

W was being held in jail on a $100,000 bond.