US: Missouri man gets suspended sentence after pleading guilty to HIV non-disclosure and ‘reckless’ transmission


Man pleads guilty to knowingly infecting woman with HIV

June 22, 2015
Source: KMIZ

A Missouri man has pleaded guilty to knowingly infecting a woman with HIV. ABC 17 News was in court Monday when 43-year-old X pleaded guilty to the charges. Judge Kelly Broniec sentenced X to ten years in prison, but suspended the sentencing and placed X on five years probation. That means if X violates his probation, he’ll go to prison for the full ten years.

The alleged victim said when she was tested for HIV in 2003, she tested negative. However, when she tested again in 2007, she tested positive for the virus. The victim said she and X had been in a serious relationship and lived together in Jefferson City and Mexico from 2005 to 2007. X was reportedly told he tested positive for HIV in 1994. The victim said he did not tell her until she found out she had contracted the virus.