US: Ohio transgender man receives year-long sentence for not disclosing HIV status to female partner

Editorial comment: the original media reports misgender the defendant, who is a transgender man assigned female at birth. We have corrected these reports to properly gender the defendant. The reports are otherwise unchanged.



Sentenced to one year for hiding HIV from partner, Youngstown [transgender man] gets an extra month in jail for late court appearance

November 1, 2023
Source: 21-WFMJ

A Youngstown [transgender man] arrested for failing to tell a sex partner that [he] was HIV positive had another month added to [his] year-long sentence after [he] showed up in court late and not properly dressed.

Twenty-two-year-old X was scheduled for sentencing on Tuesday after pleading guilty earlier to attempted felonious assault.

Austintown Police say X had intimate relations with a 21-year-old township woman in February. A couple of days later, X allegedly informed [his] companion that [he] had HIV.

According to court officials, when X appeared in court late and not properly dressed, Judge Scott Krichbaum noted that [he] violated the terms of [his] bond to appear for hearings on time and dressed appropriately.

The judge sentenced X to 12 months in prison for the attempted felonious assault conviction and added another thirty days in jail for contempt of court.


Youngstown [transgender man] pleads to amended charge for failure to tell partner [he] has HIV

September 20, 2023
Source: NBC4

Sentencing will be Oct. 31 for a [transgender man] who pleaded guilty Tuesday for failing to disclose to a sex partner that [he] has HIV.

X, 22, entered a plea to a charge of attempted felonious assault, a third-degree felony, before Judge R. Scott Krichbaum in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court. X remains free on bond pending sentencing.

X was indicted July 20 by a grand jury following an investigation by Austintown police. The indictment in the case said [he] was accused of having sex with a woman between Feb. 3 and Feb. 5 without telling the woman [he] tested positive for HIV.

X was originally indicted for felonious assault, a second-degree felony, but [his] charge was amended in exchange for [his] plea.

Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer Paris told Judge Krichbaum the state made the plea offer because the victim tested negative for HIV, X’s lack of a criminal record and the young age of both X and the victim.


Youngstown [transgender man] charged, accused of failing to tell partner about being HIV positive

June 2, 2023
Source: WFMJ

Authorities in Austintown have charged a Youngstown [transgender man] for allegedly not telling a sex partner that [he] was HIV positive. According to a police report, the 22-year-old [man] had intimate relations with a 21-year-old township woman in February. A couple of days later, [he] allegedly informed his companion that [he] had H-I-V. Police issued an arrest warrant last month, charging [him] with felonious assault. On Thursday [he] was booked into the county jail where [he] awaits an arraignment in court.