Our 2022 Annual Report
A Turning Point for HIV Justice

Today, with the publication of our Annual Report 2022 – A Turning Point for HIV Justice, we look back at our achievements in 2022.

The report is published by the HIV Justice Foundation, an independent non-profit legal entity registered in the Netherlands as Stichting HIV Justice to specifically serve as the fiscal organisation for the HIV Justice Network (HJN) and other related activities.

A turning point for HIV Justice

HJN’s Executive Director, Edwin J Bernard, says: “Looking back on all that happened in 2022, we are cautiously optimistic that the year will be seen as a turning point in the global movement to end HIV criminalisation. We celebrated promising developments in case law, law reform and policy in many countries and jurisdictions throughout the year, building on the momentum of 2021. Although there is much more work yet to do, it’s clear that progress is being made — thanks primarily to the leadership of people living with HIV.”

Richard Elliott, who was appointed Chair of the Foundation’s Supervisory Board in March 2022, adds: “It is truly encouraging to reflect on what has been accomplished by this organisation, and the partners and allies it has supported and mobilised in virtually every region of the world in the past year. From supporting local advocates in multiple countries to a new edition of our flagship report on the state of HIV criminalisation globally, from high-profile media advocacy to the launch of the extraordinary multilingual learning resource that is the new HIV Justice Academy, HJN is building a movement and making a difference.”

A global impact

HJN was a co-founder, and is the secretariat for, the HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE (HJWW) coalition. Much of the work undertaken by HJN and the HJWW coalition is funded by the Robert Carr Fund (RCF) for civil society networks. In 2022, HJN was fortunate to receive two RCF grants, serving as lead of both consortia. As such, HJN had ultimate responsibility for the delivery, financial management and reporting obligations related to the grants.

By providing technical assistance and grants, these consortia were able to continue to nurture and support the development of new national and regional networks and expand the capacity of existing ones. Throughout 2022, HJN oversaw the distribution of small grants through our consortium partners working in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Francophone Africa, Anglophone Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Looking to the future

Did we turn the corner in 2022? “One thing we know for sure is that changing hearts and minds with respect to HIV criminalisation is a long road with many ups and downs along the way,” says Edwin J Bernard. “We know that important progress was made in 2022 and we face 2023 and beyond with fresh analysis, new tools, and a renewed spirit of solidarity.”

If 2022 was a turning point in the global movement to end HIV criminalisation, achieving HIV justice will depend not only on sustaining this work but also moving forward at an even faster pace.

“I wish to thank our funders who have seen the importance of this work,” says Richard Elliott. “As an activist who has been involved in resisting HIV criminalisation for years before HJN was created, I am delighted to see the vision of a global movement being realised. HJN has been the catalyst for that movement. It’s why I’m pleased and proud to support this organisation — and I hope you will too.”


Annual Report 2022 – A Turning Point for HIV Justice

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