Qatar: Woman and three men on trial for criminal HIV transmission

A woman in Doha, the capital of Qatar, is on trial for either criminal HIV exposure or transmission, since it is unclear whether the three male complainants are also HIV-positive. Bizarelly, according to the only report I can find on the case, from The Peninsula, the three men are also on trial, although it is unclear exactly what they are accused of.

A criminal court here is hearing a case involving an HIV-infected woman who is accused of transmitting the killer virus to three men. Incidentally, the three victims are also accused in the case…

A witness, who works with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) as a senior consultant, confirmed in deposition to the court that the first accused—the woman—was treated at the hospital since she had HIV… According to him, the woman was asked to give an undertaking that since she was afflicted with the dreaded virus, she would not have intimate physical relations with anyone since doing that would mean transmitting the killer disease to others.

Another key witness in the case was from a law-enforcement agency who had interrogated the three male accused in the case who were victims of HIV. He said the trio had confessed to having had physical contact with the woman and feared that they might have come in contact with the disease. The case, according to Al Sharq, has been transferred to the court by the Public Prosecution recently.