US: Indiana teenager arrested for non-disclosure

A 19 year-old girl from Frankfort, Indiana has been arrested and held in the county jail because a 22 year-old man she met on MySpace claims he had unprotected sex with her last month and that she did not tell him she was HIV-positive until she knew him a little bit better.

A Clinton County teenager is accused of lying about having HIV to someone with whom she had unprotected sexual intercourse on numerous occasions. [Name of girl], 19, of Frankfort was charged Friday with four counts of violation or failure of carrier’s duty to warn persons at risk — a Class D felony because investigators believe the nondisclosure was intentional. The offense begins as a Class B misdemeanor.

“They have a duty under Indiana law, anytime they are going to engage in high-risk sexual activity” to tell their partners, Clinton County Prosecutor Tony Sommer said. In Indiana, communicable diseases that must be disclosed are AIDS, HIV and hepatitis B. [Name] was being held Tuesday afternoon on a $2,800 cash bond in the Clinton County Jail, jail staff said.

Full story – complete with her name, photo and the usual warning about “more victims” from the local prosecutor, Tony Sommer, at

I am so incredibly sick and tired of stories like these coming from the United States. Who is the victim here? She now faces up to three years in prison following her trial, tentatively set for Septmeber 14th.

Detectives with the Frankfort Police Department began investigating in early June, after a 22-year-old male said he slept with [name] and that he recently learned [name] has HIV. According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the charges, the man met [name] on the social networking site MySpace on May 26. The 22-year-old told investigators he had heard a rumor that [name] had AIDS or HIV. But after asking her, [name] allegedly lied. The two had sexual intercourse on May 29 and three to four times the following week. The man told investigators he was again told on June 5 that [name] had HIV and confronted her. This time, [name] admitted she has HIV. Sommer said the man was expected to get tested soon.

So, he relies on disclosure to protect himself from HIV, doesn’t wear a condom, and then goes running to the police. Come on! Can you imagine how hard it must be for a 19 year-old girl to disclose her HIV-positive status to someone she’s only just met, and how easy it must be for a 22 year-old man to take responsibility for himself and wear a condom.