US: New toolkit for lawyers defending HIV-related prosecutions now available

A new toolkit from the Center for HIV Law and Policy / Positive Justice Project, released earlier this month, provides a wealth of information for lawyers representing people living with HIV who are facing criminal prosecution based on HIV status.

The toolkit includes charts, articles, guidances, case law, legal analysis, scientific data and empirical citations, as well as quick-reference resources and links to longer reference materials.

The toolkit includes the following resources :

  • HIV Criminalization Fact Sheet
  • Guidance for a Legal Advocate Representing an HIV-Positive Client in a Criminal Exposure Case
  • Guidance for People Living with HIV Who Are Threatened with, or Are Facing, Criminal Prosecution for HIV Nondisclosure or Exposure
  • Case Law Index
  • Legal Drafting Resources (featuring sample amicus briefs)
  • Secondary Resources
  • Sample Medical Expert Affidavit on HIV Transmission
  • Chart: Comparative Sentencing on HIV Criminalization in the United States
  • Chart: HIV, STIs and Relative Risks in the United States
  • Chart: HIV and Chronic Disease in the United States

Although created primarily as a resource for lawyers, other advocates, as well as people living with HIV in the United States, are likely to find the toolkit useful.

Download ‘Ending and Defending Against HIV Criminalization: A Manual For Advocates Volume 2: A Legal Toolkit: Resources for Attorneys Handling HIV-Related Prosecutions’ from the Center for HIV Law and Policy here.