US: New Jersey man charged for alleged HIV non disclosure

May 27, 2019

Source: Breaking AC, my 24, 2019

Galloway man charged with knowingly infecting man with HIV

A Galloway Township man is accused of giving a man a sexually transmitted disease after failing to disclose he was HIV positive.
X, 36, was charged Thursday with three criminal counts, including aggravated assault.
X was arrested last month in a separate case in which he allegedly punched and threatened a man outside the Cathedral Grace Family Church.

The victim in that case said he was in a relationship with X but the two have had issues, according to the complaint obtained by Breaking AC. He was released from jail as those charges go through the system.
Now, X is accused of failing to disclose he was HIV positive before having sex with a man, who was infected.
X is accused of committing “an act of sexual penetration knowing that he is infected with a sexually transmitted disease” and for “knowingly acting in a manner likely to be injurious to the physical welfare of the victim.”