US: HIV-positive Georgia woman gets three years for spitting


Woman with HIV gets 3 years for spitting in face

July 23, 2008
Source: The Associated Press

A woman diagnosed with HIV has been sentenced to three years in prison for spitting in another woman’s face and proclaiming “I hope you get AIDS.”

The woman, 43-year-old AL, pleaded guilty Monday to aggravated assault.

Police said a 24-year-old went to lock the apartment door of a friend who was being arrested Oct. 3 for simple battery against L. Assistant District Attorney Doug Breault said L approached the woman and the two began to quarrel.

Breault said Tuesday that L will have to serve the full sentence because she has three prior felonies.

Defense attorney Judy Dunlap said the three years was unwarranted. She said she was hoping for about three months.