US: Virginia man found guilty of misdemeanor infected sexual battery for alleged HIV non disclosure


Henrico man with HIV found guilty of having unprotected sex

December 15, 2015
Source: abc News

A verdict is in in the trial of a man accused of knowingly transferring or attempting to transfer HIV.

A judge on Tuesday declared X guilty, but not of the felony charged he originally faced. Instead, the HIV positive Henrico man was convicted of a misdemeanor for having unprotected sex.

The 29-year-old X admits he had a one-night-stand with a woman he met back in September of 2013. But in court, the prosecutor failed to prove X intentionally tried to give that woman the HIV virus. So, the judge found X guilty instead of misdemeanor infected sexual battery. He will have to serve one year in jail for the crime.

X’s parents wouldn’t talk on camera, but declared that justice was served.

This isn’t the first time X has been charged with having sex with woman and failing to tell them ahead of the time that he is HIV positive. He is serving an 18-month jail sentence in Maryland for potentially endangering the lives of two women there.