US: Woman charged with “intentional exposure” to HIV in Louisiana for spitting at medical staff


Woman accused of intentional exposure to AIDS after incident at hospital

May 8, 2019
Source: WBRZ

BATON ROUGE – A woman has been charged for spitting on medical staff and causing a disturbance at a local facility.

On Tuesday law enforcement was called to assistant hospital security in escorting a patient from the facility on Hennessy Boulevard. The patient was identified as X. Officials say X had been “violent” in the past.

According to the arrest report, while being escorted out X struggled and allegedly attempted to bite a staff member.

X was discharged and placed on a bus. Within approximately 10 minutes, security was called to assist with an unknown woman causing a disturbance in another part of the hospital.

The woman was identified as X. Authorities say X was causing a disturbance and vomiting. She was later sent back to the emergency room for further evaluation.

Authorities later discovered that X spit on medical staff the day before. While being interviewed, X allegedly admitted to being HIV positive.

X was charged with intentional exposure to AIDS, damage to property for punching a wall, and disturbing the peace.