[Update]US: Houston man sentenced to 30 years in jail for alleged HIV transmission


Man Who Knowingly Gave H.I.V. To Girlfriend Sentenced

June 21, 2018
Source: ATI

Not only did he lie about his H.I.V., he was also married and had infected his wife as well.

A 34-year-old Houston man charged with aggravated assault was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Waiving a jury trial, K.Z. pleaded guilty to knowingly infecting his former girlfriend with H.I.V., according to court records.

In April 2014, S.A. came down with flu-like symptoms. From there, her hair started falling out and she began rapidly losing weight. After thrush – a fungal infection – was found in her mouth during a dental checkup, A was referred to another doctor.

That’s when she received the shocking news: she was H.I.V. positive.

A. was Z’s girlfriend. The couple, who began dating in September 2013, met at a hospital where they both worked security. A. asked Z. to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases before they had unprotected sex.

Z. told her that no sexually transmittable diseases had been found in his exam.

“No, I never asked for any paperwork… I just took his word for it, as he took mine,” A. told KPRC in 2016.

According to medical records A. provided, she had not been diagnosed with or treated for H.I.V. prior to September 2013. Z., on the other hand, had lied about his H.I.V. status. Officers indicated that Z. tested positive years before.

“With the medical records, we were able to determine that the defendant was infected in March 2008,” said Office Waldie of the Houston Police Department Family Crime Violence Office.

But that wasn’t the only shocking news A. received. Court documents stated that she found out Z. was married during the time of their relationship. According to the documents, A. spoke with the wife, who confirmed that she had been infected with H.I.V. by Z. in 2009 and that Za. had known he was H.I.V. positive all along.

After the initial story was reported by Houston’s KPRC, A. said at least eight other women came forward stating Z. had infected them with H.I.V. as well. She was, however, the only victim named in this case.

“I call it my tragedy, the testimony, how I had to dig myself out of that hole and basically, I feel like the old me died, but I worked real hard to rebirth a new person and I feel like that person is better,” said A.. “You don’t know how strong you can be until you have no choice but to be strong.”

The charge Z. pleaded guilty to is a first-degree felony. He reportedly held his head down while the judge gave the sentence.

“He may have given me something that I’ll live with lifelong physically, but he won’t have me mentally for a lifetime,” said A. in court. I won’t be mentally imprisoned by this.”

Z. and A. also have a two-year-old son together.


Man may be knowingly infecting victims with HIV, police say

June 9, 2016
Source: Click2Houston

HOUSTON – They were co-workers at a local hospital who became friends.

“He’s very friendly, charming, outgoing. He likes to talk. He can talk about anything” said SA of KX.

And by summer 2013, SA said she and X began dating and were inseparable.

“We went to concerts. We went to comedy shows. We went out to eat all the time,” SA said. “My son just soaked him up. They would play PlayStation together, so he really bonded with my son.”

They were intimate, so SA suggested both she and X get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

“As a sign of good faith,” she said. “I knew I was clean because I had previously a month before had a well woman’s exam. Well, two months before, so I knew I was clean.

According to the medical records SA provided to Channel 2 Investigates, she had not been diagnosed with or treated for HIV prior to September 2013. And SA said X told her he too had tested negative for the virus.

“No, I never asked for any paperwork,” she admitted. “I just took his word for it, as he took mine.”

In April 2014, SA got sick. She began to shed hair and nails and lose weight rapidly — 65 pounds in total. Then came the hospital stays.

“It just felt like a bad flu, and I went to the hospital,” SA said. “I thought that my weight loss was because I wasn’t eating like I should because it hurt to eat. It hurt to digest.”

She said X was her caregiver, by her side every step of the way.

“He’s at the doctor’s visit with me and he says, ‘We’ll find out what’s wrong with you, babe. Everything is going to be OK,’” SA said.

Then in September came the doctor’s devastating diagnosis.

“He said, ‘Well, Ms. SA, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re HIV-positive.’ I said, ‘Really? How many tests did you run?’ He said, ‘We’ve ran a total of four.'”

SA said she was shocked, and then confronted X about her diagnosis. She then reported him to police.

On Tuesday, X was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and his bail was set at $30,000.

According to police, X tested positive for HIV years before, and knowingly infected SA.

Officer Waldie, with Houston Police Department Family Crime Violence Office, said once SA reported X to their office, they were able to corroborate her allegations.

“With the medical records, we were able to determine that the defendant was infected in March 2008,” Waldie said.

Channel 2 Investigates discovered another relationship X had prior to his relationship with the complainant. That individual contracted HIV, too.

Investigators said there are other victims out there.

SA said several women have already reached out to her via social media.

“I believe, based on tips that we have, that there’s more victims,” Waldie said. “That he had other relationships during this time from 2008 until present. We just need y’all to come in, talk to me and we can speak about everything in detail and see if this is something that should require a charge against the defendant. The manner in which the defendant was acting was totally intentionally giving victims a virus that could be fatal. It’s very serious. It could lead to other infections. It could lead to deaths. That’s very important for us to stop that before it gets worse.”

SA said after her diagnosis she had contemplated ending it all, but she’s come a long way. The one bright spot is her 10-month-old son with X.

“He’s a friendly baby,” SA said. “And by the grace, he was negative for everything. I think that he was my saving grace, because I was just ready to die.”

Authorities with the Family Crime Violence Office want to hear from any persons who feel they too may be a victim of X’s crime.

Any potential victims can contact the unit at (713) 308-1100 and will be put in touch with a counselor, an officer or even a supervisor.