US: Young gay man in Washington State faces more HIV exposure charges

The 22 year-old gay man from Spokane, Washington arrested in June for not disclosing his HIV status before having unprotected, casual sex with a married man has been charged for a second time following a complaint from his former live-in boyfriend.

According to local TV station website,

Shortly after [the accused tested positive in Spring 2008] another man moved into his home and began having an intimate relationship with [the accused]. That person recently told Spokane Police detectives that [the accused] never told him he was infected with HIV, adding that he had unprotected sex with [the accused] 30 to 40 times before he moved out last November.

There is no information regarding the second complainant’s HIV status.

Although his trial was due to start next week, it seems his lawyer has asked for more time pending psychological assessement to “determine if he’s mentally competent to assist with his defense.”

Update: July 17th. More details of Wednesday’s hearing were published in The Spokesman-Review.

“It appears that as a result of mental disease or defect [he] is incapable of aiding counsel in his own defense or understanding the proceedings against him,” according to a motion by public defender Anna Nordtvedt.

Terence Ryan of the Counsel for Defense has since taken over [his] defense.

He is currently being “held in the Spokane County Jail in lieu of a $150,000 bond.”