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Important new resource, SALC’s HIV Criminalisation Defence Case Compendium, published this week

February 15, 2018

An important new resource for lawyers defending clients and working on strategic litigation was published by the Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) this week. SALC is one of the newest members of HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Steering Committee. The HIV Criminalisation … More

African HIV criminalisation achievements and challenges highlighted at ICASA 2013

December 11, 2013

The African continent has more countries with overly broad and vague HIV-specific laws relating to HIV non-disclosure, exposure and/or transmission than any other global region, nearly all of which have been enacted in the past decade. Although North America is … More

Botswana’s draconian Public Health Bill approved by Parliament, BONELA will challenge it as unconstitutional once President signs into law (Update 3)

April 5, 2013

Update: April 5th 2013 Very disappointing news from Botswana. The Public Health Bill – including all of its draconian provisions on HIV – has been approved by Parliament. BONELA issued this press release last week just prior to the vote. … More

Botswana: Proposed Public Health Bill goes against HIV programming best practice

December 11, 2012

Guest blog by Christine Stegling, Associate Director, Best Practice, and Senior Human Rights Adviser, International HIV/AIDS Alliance. Reposted with permission from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. Late last week, and by all accounts with no previous public debate or discussion with … More

Africa: PlusNews publishes in-depth analysis of criminalisation throughout the continent

December 9, 2008

PlusNews, the global online HIV and AIDS news service of the United Nations Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), has published an excellent in-depth analysis of criminalisation in Africa. A collection of short articles focusing on various aspects of criminalisation in … More

Botswana: Judge acquits lawyer accused of HIV exposure

July 2, 2008

A Botswanan judge has acquitted an HIV-positive lawyer who was accused of HIV exposure primarily due to the fact that Botswana does not have criminal HIV exposure or transmission laws. The case rested on whether the man, who had sex … More

Botswana: Belief that many are deliberately transmitting HIV fuels calls for criminal HIV transmission laws

January 7, 2008

Those That Sow HIV Deserve Prison Voice journalist Naledi Mokgwathi, recently went out onto the streets of Gaborone to find out what B0tswanans think about the issue. “People should be forced to test at intervals so that when someone accuses … More

Botswana: Lawyer on trial for sexual HIV exposure

December 3, 2007

HIV/AIDs infection case resumesGABORONE- A case in which a state lawyer is accused of spreading HIV to another person resumed at the village magistrate court with the complainant giving evidence. According to the charge sheet, on July 7, at Ledumadumane … More

Botswana: MPs consider criminalising HIV transmission

October 16, 2007

Criminalising HIV transmission sparks debate LOBATSE – The issue of criminalising intentional transmission of HIV received mixed reaction from residents of Lobatse and surrounding areas. While some accepted the idea of making intentional spread the disease a criminal offence, others … More

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