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Australia: Editorial blames HIV crimes on ‘culture of misplaced political correctness’

December 11, 2007

Bureaucracy must be battle-ready to combat HIV/AIDS December 10, 2007 FEW things are undeniably a matter of life and death, but the battle against the spread of HIV/AIDS is one. Unfortunately in Victoria, the fight against this insidious condition is … More

Australia: Judge slams ‘inadequate’ sentences for ‘reckless’ HIV transmission

December 11, 2007

Penalty for reckless HIV sex ‘inadequate’ The Australian | Natasha Robinson | December 04, 2007 A MAGISTRATE has criticised the inadequate punishment of HIV-positive offenders whose reckless sexual behaviour contributes to the spread of the disease. Magistrate Greg Connellan said … More

Australia: Sudanese migrant pleads guilty to HIV exposure in Melbourne; possible political fallout

December 3, 2007

Officials knew man HIV risk to others Julia MedewDecember 1, 2007 A PSYCHOLOGIST reported a Geelong man as a “high risk of infecting others with HIV” to Victorian health authorities 11 days before the man went on to allegedly expose … More

Australia: SA goverment sued for ‘allowing’ Stuart McDonald to infect him with HIV

October 15, 2007

Man sues in HIV caseABC NewsThe South Australian Government is being sued for allegedly failing to prevent a man from being infected with HIV. The young man alleges he was deliberately infected by Stuart McDonald, 39, who has been charged … More

Australia: Parenzee jailed for nine years

September 27, 2007

Andre Parenzee, whose appeal against his January conviction invoked AIDS denialism, sentenced in South Australia. Man jailed for spreading AIDS virus September 27, 2007 – 4:15PM A HIV-positive man who lied to and deceived three Adelaide woman about having … More

Australia: New policy suggests doctors will report ‘risky’ HIV-positive patients

July 25, 2007

‘Risky’ HIV carriers to be reported by Julia Medew and Carol Nader July 25, 2007 CIVIL libertarians have attacked a decision by Australia’s health ministers to introduce mandatory reporting by doctors of “risky” HIV patients to state health authorities. … More

Australia: Editorial argues epidemiological information should be used to prosecute ‘reckless’ individuals

May 14, 2007

An editorial in The Age argues that Australia’s HIV Epidemiology Project should be used to track down individuals who are ‘reckless’ so that they can be prosecuted. This is not only unethical, it is also not scientifically possible given the … More

Australia: Federal goverment plans HIV genotype database to ‘trace reckless infections’

April 28, 2007

‘The Age’ reports on the HIV Epidemiology Project which may be used to trace people who criminally transmit HIV. Full report below: Plan to genetically trace reckless HIV infections Julia MedewApril 28, 2007 People who have recklessly or deliberately infected … More

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