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Thailand: Czech man living with HIV arrested in Phuket for alleged HIV transmission

Hunted Czech HIV fugitive caught in Phuket
January 18, 2017

Canada: Eye-opening document on how Crown attorneys approach prosecuting HIV non-disclosure cases disclosed

Document on HIV non–disclosure prosecutions disclosed
January 14, 2017

US: Man living with HIV in Florida sentenced to 124 days in jail for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Man pleads guilty to failing to disclose HIV status
January 14, 2017

US: North Dakota man arrested and charged with felony for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

UPDATE: ND man arrested for spreading HIV to at least one woman
January 12, 2017

France: South African man sentenced to 4 years in prison for alleged HIV transmission

4 ans de prison pour avoir transmis le VIH
January 11, 2017

Canada: Manitoba woman living with HIV is appealing her 2014 aggravated sexual assault conviction.

HIV–positive woman appeals aggravated sexual assault conviction
January 11, 2017

[Update]: Novgorod District Court sentences man to 4 years in prison for alleged HIV transmission to three women

Умышленно заражавший женщин ВИЧ–инфекцией новгородец приговорен к 4 годам колонии
January 10, 2017

Canada: Ontario Court of Appeal rules that HIV disclosure by police in news releases does not violate a person’s constitutional rights

Court ruling sets ‘low bar’ for police to disclose HIV status
January 7, 2017

Turkey: Azerbaijani female sex worker arrested in Van province, accused of exposing 200 male clients to HIV

Задержана азербайджанская проститутка, заразившая 200 мужчин СПИДом
January 6, 2017

Canada: Preliminary discussions said to be underway to review current practices in HIV non-disclosure cases

Advocates eager for feds to review ’over–criminalizing’ of HIV non–disclosure
December 29, 2016

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