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Zambia: Man awaiting trial for alleged HIV transmission sentenced to hard labour

Man in court for defiling wife’s sisters, infecting them with HIV
September 17, 2019

Uganda: Campaigners demand an end to HIV criminal laws

Uganda activists seek repeal of laws that abuse HIV+ people
September 17, 2019

[Update] US: Maryland man living with HIV pleads guilty to ‘knowingly attempting to transfer HIV’

Frederick Man Enters Alford Plea To Knowingly Transferring HIV To 3 Women
September 13, 2019

Uganda: HIV law deters communities from seeking HIV services and should be reformed

Kaleba scolds Parliament: The AIDS law is poisonous
September 11, 2019

Canada: Further reform is needed to redress the harms HIV criminalization brings to the lives of women living with HIV

Recommendations on changes to
September 6, 2019

Singapore: Court sentences Malaysian man to 42 months in jail for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Malaysian man pleads guilty, sentenced to 42 months jail for lying about HIV test, potentially infecting up to six victims
September 6, 2019

Tajikistan: Two women each sentenced to jail for alleged HIV exposure in Sughd region

Two Tajik women sentenced to jail for HIV infection
September 5, 2019

US: Charges of HIV exposure for spitting, despite absence of risks, prove that Georgia needs to modernise its HIV laws

HIV–positive man’s arrest for spitting called ‘plain and simple discrimination’
September 4, 2019

Uganda: Recent case of woman, unjustly jailed for allegedly injecting a baby with HIV, highlights the need to act against HIV criminalisation

Woman Who was Wrongfully Jailed for Premeditated HIV Infection Speaks Out
September 3, 2019

Canada: Report from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network symposium on HIV, Law and Human Rights

Report from the 8th Symposium on HIV, Law and Human Rights
August 30, 2019

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