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Is Louisiana’s ‘AIDS exposure’ statute outdated? Advocates say it needs an update

Is Louisiana’s ’AIDS exposure’ statute outdated? Advocates say it needs an update
September 16, 2015

UK: CPS drops reckless HIV transmission prosecution due to lack of phylogenetic report

Case against man accused of giving someone HIV discontinued
September 15, 2015

Russia: Chechen parliamentarian proposes mandatory HIV testing prior to marriage; has been policy in Chechnya since 2011

Russian lawmakers consider mandating HIV testing for couples who want to tie the knot
September 11, 2015

US: Tennessee man accused of ‘knowingly infecting his wife with HIV’

Husband arrested for infecting wife with HIV
September 10, 2015

Canada: Manitoba court unaware of previous HIV related cases discuss sentencing of woman with HIV for non-disclosure

Woman who hid HIV status from partner could face 5 years in prison
September 9, 2015

Uganda: Community Health Alliance Uganda (CHAU) board chairman, Dr Stephen Watiti calls for repeal of clauses on disclosure, mandatory testing and transmission in HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act

CHAU boss wants HIV law amended
August 28, 2015

US: Man previously convicted of ‘HIV exposure’ in South Carolina charged in Georgia with ‘reckless conduct’ for not disclosing his HIV-positive status

NW Georgia man arrested for not disclosing to woman he’s HIV...
August 26, 2015

US: Iowa man, 34, previously convicted and sentenced to 50 years’ prison under previous HIV law, arrested and charged again under modernised law for ‘knowingly exposing multiple partners to HIV’

More charges for man accused of spreading HIV
August 25, 2015

US: Arkansas juvenile detention guard charged with ‘HIV exposure’ and statutory rape for having sex with 17 year-old male detainee

Ex–jail guard charged with HIV offense
August 22, 2015

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