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Canada: Montreal man, 61, accused of HIV non-disclosure by two women, one of whom is now HIV-positive

Police seek possible victims of HIV positive South Shore man
May 22, 2015

Malawi: High Court rules that mandatory HIV testing is unconstitutional

May 22, 2015

Canada: Mainstream magazine covers the problematic link between ‘treatment as prevention’ and overly broad HIV criminalisation

Transmission Control
May 21, 2015

Russia: Man gets three years in prison for allegedly infecting his girlfriend without disclosing he was living with HIV

Russian Man Sentenced for Giving Girlfriend HIV | News
May 20, 2015

US: Michael Johnson, 23, found guilty of recklessly infecting one male partner and recklessly exposing three other men to HIV

’Tiger Mandingo’ Found Guilty In HIV Case, Faces Life In Prison
May 15, 2015

US: Alabama lawmaker’s proposal to increase ‘knowing’ HIV/STI transmission to a felony likely to resurface in 2016

Bill would make spreading disease a felony
May 14, 2015

US: Powerful op-ed on Michael Johnson trial, from The

On Uplifting Voices, Social Justice and Listening to HIV Criminalization Accusers
May 13, 2015

US: Another powerful op-ed on the Michael Johnson trial, from BET

Commentary: Stop Locking Up Black Men for HIV
May 13, 2015

US: Philadelphia woman beats ‘reckless endangerment’ charges thanks to activist lawyers who educated prosecutors about HIV

Criminal charges against HIV–positive nurse withdrawn
May 12, 2015

Canada: Toronto police issue ‘public alert’ after man with HIV, tried in 2010 for alleged HIV non-disclosure and accused again in 2013, is arrested for breaching bail conditions

Police warn public after man previously charged for not disclosing HIV status arrested
May 10, 2015

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