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UK: Midlands woman charged with intentional and/or reckless HIV transmission to three men

Stourbridge woman charged with infecting men with HIV – BBC News
June 30, 2015

Nigeria: The Ondo State government has announced the commencement of the implementation of its HIV Anti-stigma law which prescribed a 10 year jail term, fine of N500,000 or both for any person who by whatever means transmits HIV to another person

Nigeria: Ondo State Implements HIV Anti–Stigma Law
June 30, 2015

US : Mississippi lawmakers pass law mandating HIV testing for anyone arrested for sexual assault

Mandatory HIV/AIDS Testing Law Set to Take Effect
June 25, 2015

US: Oklahoma man arrested for ‘attempting to transfer HIV’ following allegations he spat at a woman

OKC Man Accused Of Attempting To Transfer HIV
June 23, 2015

US: Indiana man arrested for alleged HIV non-disclosure prior to sex with four women

Terre Haute man charged for not telling sex partners he has HIV
June 23, 2015

US: Missouri man gets suspended sentence after pleading guilty to HIV non-disclosure and ‘reckless’ transmission

Man pleads guilty to knowingly infecting woman with HIV
June 23, 2015

Antigua & Barbuda: ‘Intentional HIV spread’ rumours lead to calls for HIV-specific criminal law

Advocate supports criminalising intentionally spreading HIV – Caribbean Digital Network
June 20, 2015

US: Gay Louisiana man, 23, accused of HIV non-disclosure by former partner who since tested positive

Baton Rouge man accused of intentionally exposing male partner to HIV virus
June 19, 2015

Ohio: Man indicted on one count of felonious assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure to woman he met on Craigslist

Former Elyria employee accused of not telling partner he had HIV
June 18, 2015

Canada: Gay Winnipeg man pleads guilty to aggravated sexual assault for HIV non-disclosure before condomless sex ‘with high viral load’, complainant has since tested HIV-positive

Unfair sex
June 17, 2015

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