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UK: Avon & Somerset police withdraw untrue claims that HIV could be contracted through spitting

Police finally change false HIV claims after being accused of ’preying on people’s prejudices’
July 14, 2018

US: Panel Discussion with advocates working towards ending HIV criminalisation

Dismantling HIV Criminalization: A Panel Discussion
July 14, 2018

Ireland: Following first HIV-related conviction for “intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm” in Ireland, Dr Juliana Adelman reflects on the fear of contagion

Fear of contagion clouds our thinking about the transmission of HIV
July 13, 2018

[Update]Ireland: 28-year-old African migrant found guilty of ‘intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm’

Man found guilty of ‘intentionally’ infecting women with HIV
July 13, 2018

[Update] US: Charges of alleged HIV non-dislosure dropped against gay man living with HIV in South Carolina

HIV exposure charges dropped against gay former Atlanta man
July 9, 2018

Mauritius: Police looking for man living with HIV after former boyfriend reports alleged HIV transmission

Il poursuit son ex–partenaire pour lui avoir transmis le VIH
July 6, 2018

Canada: Gay man living with HIV sentenced in Quebec to 43 months in prison following conviction for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Séropositif condamné à 43 mois de prison pour agressions sexuelles graves
July 5, 2018

You care about Criminalisation (You just don’t know it yet): A site-specific project by Avram Finkelstein for Visual AIDS

You care about Criminalisation (You just don’t know it yet)
June 28, 2018

US: North Carolina’s HIV criminalisation reform protects people who are undetectable but leaves others vulnerable

In North Carolina, an HIV Criminalization Reform Bill Passed, but People Who Aren’t ’Undetectable’ Remain at Risk
June 26, 2018

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