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US: Man charged with aggravated assault in Pennsylvania for spitting at police and yelling he was HIV-positive

Man spits in hospital security guard’s face after yelling he’s HIV–positive following DUI arrest: police
March 26, 2020

US: Lawmakers fail to pass HIV modernization bill in Florida

Ending the Epidemic in Florida Must Include Ending HIV Criminalization
March 20, 2020

UK: Woman accused of HIV exposure in Scotland for allegedly spitting blood at someone

Woman ‘spat blood at someone to deliberately infect them with HIV’
March 20, 2020

Russia: Man to face trial for alleged HIV transmission in Umba

A Umba resident will go to trial for deliberate HIV infection.
March 12, 2020

US: New report by the Williams Institute finds that Florida’s HIV criminal laws undermine pubic health efforts

Florida’s HIV criminal laws undermine public health efforts
March 12, 2020

Kenya: 20-year-old house-help prosecuted for allegedly exposing her employer’s baby to HIV through breastfeeding

Maid in court for ‘infecting employer’s baby with HIV through breastfeeding’
March 12, 2020

[Update]US: Bill progresses to the State Senate after Georgia House approves proposed reform to HIV criminalisation laws

Georgia House Passes HIV Criminal Justice Reform
March 12, 2020

US: Police goes on ‘fishing expedition’ for complainants against man accused of HIV non-disclosure in Florida

Man accused of having sex without disclosing HIV status; Jacksonville police seeking possible victims
March 11, 2020

Russia: Criminal case starts in Kemorovo against 42-year-old man charged with alleged HIV transmission

A man infected a Kemerovo woman with the dangerous HIV virus and was brought to trial.
March 9, 2020

Canada: 56-year-old Montreal man faces prison for alleged HIV transmission

Montreal man found guilty of transmitting HIV to two victims
March 9, 2020

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