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US: Bill in Utah charging people living with HIV with rape in cases of HIV non-disclosure was held by the House Judiciary Committee

Bill Charging HIV/AIDS Patients with Rape if they Don’t Disclose Held
February 23, 2017

Canada: Protesters in Ontario call for an end to the criminalization and stigmatization of people living with HIV

Protesting the Criminalization of HIV
February 23, 2017

US: Rep. Sharon Cooper is sponsoring a resolution to reform Georgia’s HIV Criminalisation laws

Lawmaker wants to reform Georgia’s HIV laws
February 22, 2017

Canada: Canadian Coalition to Reform HIV Criminalization hopeful after meeting with federal justice officials but some provinces remain reluctant

Momentum building for HIV law reform
February 20, 2017

US: Ohio Man in jail charged with felony assault with a body fluid for accidentally hitting officer with a carton of urine, although HIV cannot be transmitted through urine.

Ohio man charged with assaulting officer using HIV–positive urine
February 20, 2017

Canada: Rally against HIV criminalisation planned in Toronto for February 22 at noon

HIV is NOT A Crime! – Action against HIV criminalization
February 19, 2017

US: Naomi Wilding, Elizabeth Taylor’s granddaughter, on why the proposed bill to reform HIV criminalisation laws in California is such an important step in the fight against HIV

HIV bill in CA could decrease stigma and discrimination
February 17, 2017

Zimbabwe: Man arrested in Bulwayo for alleged HIV transmission

Man Arrested for Infecting Girlfriend with HIV
February 17, 2017

US: Florida courts still waiting for Supreme Court decision on whether sex between same sex couples is actually intercourse under Florida statutes

Is Supreme Court’s Same–Sex HIV Disclosure Ruling On its Way?
February 16, 2017

Czech Republic: Man living with HIV sentenced to 8 years in jail for alleged transmission

Man sent to prison for spreading HIV knowingly
February 16, 2017

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