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US: Military highest court confirms sailor’s convictions for sexual assault due to alleged HIV non-disclosure

Failure to tell partners about HIV–positive status made sex nonconsensual, military court rules
February 9, 2019

US: 22-year-old man arrested in Mississippi for alleged HIV-exposure

Pearl man charged with knowingly exposing person to HIV
February 9, 2019

Peru: Man sentenced to six and half years in prison for alleged HIV transmission to his partner and daughter in second case of HIV criminalisation in Peru

Justicia Peruana Criminaliza la transmisión del VIH
February 9, 2019

The PJP Update: February 2019

PJP Update: February 2019
February 8, 2019

India: ‘Poisoning’ charges used for the first time to prosecute two people living with HIV

‘Poison’ charge invoked against HIV accused
February 8, 2019

Travel and long-stay restrictions for foreign nationals with HIV have no logical basis and have been deemed a human rights violation by the United Nations

Visa restrictions for HIV–positive immigrants still in place in dozens of countries
February 7, 2019

Belarus: 89 HIV criminalisation cases initiated in 2018 in the Gomel region alone

Есть и несовершеннолетние. Как и кого на Гомельщине заражают ВИЧ
February 7, 2019

Sweden: Qualitative study shows inconsistencies in information given to people living with HIV pertaining to undetectability, condom use and disclosure obligations

Navigating rules and reality: HIV disclosure, infectiousness and legal obligations in Sweden
February 6, 2019

Canada: Advocacy groups call on provinces to follow the Justice Department’s directive to limit prosecutions for HIV non-disclosure

Groups want provinces to have consistent policies on limiting HIV prosecutions
February 5, 2019

Canada: Workshops find that HIV non-disclosure laws are little known amongst women living with HIV and contribute to social injustices

HIV non–disclosure laws perpetuate social injustices against women in Canada
February 5, 2019

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