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Kenya: Mombasa man living with HIV arrested and charged for having sex while being aware of his status

Mombasa man in trouble for intentionally infecting lady with HIV/AIDS
December 5, 2018

US: Missouri lawmakers and health professionals call for a reform of scientifically outdated HIV criminalisation laws

Lawmakers, health officials push Missouri HIV law rewrite
December 2, 2018

Zimbabwe: Calls to repeal law on HIV transmission and non-disclosure as it is not supported by scientific evidence

Repeal law on transmission of HIV
December 2, 2018

US: Man living with HIV charged with trying to transmit HIV with body fluid in Illinois for biting police officer

Man Charged With Trying to Give Police Officer HIV by Biting Him
December 2, 2018

Canada: New directive to limit unjust prosecutions against people living with HIV to be issued by Attorney General of Canada

Attorney General of Canada to issue Directive Regarding Prosecutions of HIV Non–Disclosure Cases
December 2, 2018

Russia: 37-year-old man facing up to 8 years in jail in Ufa for alleged HIV infection

Уфимец намеренно заразил ВИЧ трех женщин, дело передали в суд
November 30, 2018

Canada: Male sex worker charged with aggravated sexual assault for alleged HIV non disclosure

Police charge 28–year–old with aggravated sexual assault
November 29, 2018

Kazakhstan: Man living with HIV taken into custody in Astana for alleged HIV infection

Астанчанина подозревают в намеренном заражении ВИЧ трех человек
November 27, 2018

Uganda: 26-year-old housemaid arrested and charged for allegedly breastfeeding her employer’s baby

Housemaid living with HIV remanded over allegations of breast–feeding baby
November 26, 2018

Canada: Man living with HIV sent to jail for 3.5 years for failing to disclose his status despite using a condom

HIV–positive man going to penitentiary for aggravated sex assaults
November 21, 2018

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