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AIDS 2016: Intersectional approaches linking issues across areas of criminalisation have been key themes of AIDS 2016

Crosstalk: HIV and linking across areas of criminalisation
July 22, 2016

AIDS 2016: A workshop at the 21st International Aids Conference highlights the need for collaboration across key populations to defeat unjust criminal laws

Populations affected by unjust criminal laws call to advance justice and health
July 22, 2016

USA: Policy changes in Nevada will end the segregation of prison inmates living with HIV as well as implement new positive measures to end discrimination

Nevada ending discrimination of prison inmates with HIV
July 21, 2016

AIDS 2016: Discriminatory laws and policies hinder access to HIV prevention, treatment, and care for the populations most at risk of HIV

AIDS 2016 Focus on Legal Barriers to HIV Services For At–Risk Groups
July 21, 2016

USA: Woman arrested in Michigan for alleged HIV non-disclosure and soliciting

Police: HIV–positive prostitute arrested after not telling sexual partners
July 21, 2016

AIDS 2016: The criminalization of vulnerable populations fuels the HIV epidemic in many countries

Same–sex relations escalating HIV/AIDS
July 20, 2016

AIDS 2016: HIV criminalisation is on the rise, report presenters at Beyond Blame preconference

HIV criminalisation on the rise, especially in sub–Saharan Africa
July 20, 2016

AIDS 2016: Criminal laws need to be reformed for the sake of populations most vulnerable to HIV

#AIDS2016: Misuse of laws hampers response
July 20, 2016

Uganda: Civil societies challenge HIV criminalisation

Contentious HIV/AIDS law clauses: what activists say
July 20, 2016

AIDS 2016: UNAIDS reports on HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE’s Beyond Blame pre-conference

Activists call for ending unjust HIV criminalization
July 19, 2016

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