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US: Man living with HIV arrested in Florida for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Man arrested in Tallahassee for transmission of HIV
December 14, 2018

Jamaica: Legislation to criminalise wilful or reckless HIV transmission recommended by parliamentary committee

Parliamentary Committee Recommends Legislation Criminalising Wilfull HIV Infection
December 14, 2018

Canada: Case of HIV non-disclosure adjourned while Northwest Territories prosecutor seeks information on viral load, as per new Federal directive

New HIV guidelines could clear Nunavut man of sexual assault charges
December 14, 2018

Kenya: Five people living with HIV file petition at the High Court in Nairobi to declare HIV criminalisation law unconstitutional

Overturn law criminalising deliberate transmission of HIV, say petitioners
December 14, 2018

US: Q & A with Sen. Scott Wiener, one of the authors of Senate Bill 239 that modernised HIV criminalisation law in California

Successful HIV Criminalization Reform in California: Q and A with Sen. Scott Wiener
December 13, 2018

Kazakhstan: 28-year-old man arrested and facing charges of alleged HIV transmission

В Темиртау начался суд над мужчиной, заразивший ВИЧ четырех женщин
December 11, 2018

[Update] Italy: Rome appeal court reduces 24 years sentence by only 2 years for man accused of alleged HIV transmission

22–year term for man who spread HIV
December 11, 2018

[update]Kazakhstan: Man living with HIV sentenced to five years in prison in Astana for alleged HIV infection

Астанчанина подозревают в намеренном заражении ВИЧ трех человек
December 10, 2018

Kenya: Mombasa man living with HIV arrested and charged for having sex while being aware of his status

Mombasa man in trouble for intentionally infecting lady with HIV/AIDS
December 5, 2018

US: Missouri lawmakers and health professionals call for a reform of scientifically outdated HIV criminalisation laws

Lawmakers, health officials push Missouri HIV law rewrite
December 2, 2018

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