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US: Pennsylvania woman who told ambulance workers she had HIV faces charge of aggravated assault for biting and spitting

ATV crash victim assaulted medical personnel
August 19, 2017

UK: 25 year-old gay man sentenced to 7 years in jail for ‘reckless’ HIV transmission to two men

Nottingham man jailed for infecting lovers with HIV
August 16, 2017

US: “Michael Johnson’s incarceration is an indictment of our society for our failures”

Michael Johnson and the criminalization of HIV
August 15, 2017

Zimbabwe: Woman living with HIV on trial for alleged HIV exposure

Conflicting statements as couple’s HIV infection squabble spills into court
August 15, 2017

Canada: Cases of HIV non disclosure on the rise in Quebec

La non–divulgation du VIH en hausse devant les tribunaux
August 14, 2017

Honduras: Journalist in Honduras arrested for allegedly transmitting tuberculosis and HIV to neighbours

DPI capturan a “Laura” por infectar con VIH–Sida a sus vecinos
August 14, 2017

France: Man living with HIV under investigation for alleged HIV non-disclosure and HIV-transmission

Paris : un homme mis en examen pour avoir transmis le Sida à sa petite amie
August 10, 2017

Canada: Richard Elliott, Executive Director of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, explores the history of HIV criminalisation in Canada and asks fellow Canadians to support their call for HIV Justice

How everyone living with HIV in Canada became a potential criminal
August 9, 2017

[Update]US: 3 years sentence for Indiana man already sentenced to three years in another county for alleged HIV non-disclosure–indiana–man–gets–years–for–withholding–hiv–status/article_2fc6ccec–8c32–56bf–b03a–3627dd02a11d.html
August 9, 2017

US: Study presented at IAS 2017 analyses HIV convictions under HIV criminalisation laws by race, gender and sexuality

HIV Disclosure Crime Convictions differ by Race/Gender, Gay/Straight Status in US
August 7, 2017

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