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US: Bipartisan list of lawmakers sponsor bill to modernise HIV laws in Georgia

Georgia lawmaker wants to decriminalize HIV
April 19, 2019

Russia: Criminalisation of HIV infection is a futile measure that creates a false sense of security

ВИЧ как преступление. Михаил Голиченко – о деле Александры
April 18, 2019

[update]Belarus: Man living with HIV sentenced to 1.5 years in jail for alleged HIV non-disclosure in Novogrudok

Эпатажного «священника» из Новогрудка осудили за возможность заразить других ВИЧ
April 17, 2019

Belarus: 34-year-old woman faces 3 charges of alleged HIV transmission and 9 charges of alleged HIV exposure in Luninets district

Лунинчанку, которая распространяла ВИЧ–инфекцию, будут судить
April 17, 2019

US: Man living with HIV arrested in Maryland for alleged HIV exposure

Police: Maryland man knowingly transferred HIV to women he met online
April 17, 2019

US: South Carolina man charged with alleged HIV exposure could face up to 10 years in prison

Rock Hill man charged with exposing woman to HIV, police say
April 17, 2019

Uganda: Constitutional Court asked to repeal requirement for forced disclosure in law on sexually transmitted diseases

Scrap ‘inhuman’ laws on STDs, court urged
April 12, 2019

US: HIV criminalisation laws that require people convicted to be on the sex offender registry are ineffective and stigmatising

The push to end punishment against people with HIV
April 12, 2019

[Update]US: Florida court judges man living with HIV to be a “danger to public” for alleged HIV non-disclosure

’I’m not a monster’, Man admits to hiding HIV status
April 11, 2019

US: Woman charged with assault in Virginia for biting police officer

Woman accused of being HIV positive charged with assault for biting Virginia Beach Police officer
April 10, 2019

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