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Canada: Supreme Court rules that unwanted pregnancy is a similar ‘harm’ to HIV

Man who sabotaged condoms guilty of sexual assault, top court rules
March 10, 2014

PARTNER study findings of zero transmissions amongst mixed HIV status gay and heterosexual couples where the positive partner has a low viral load has important legal implications

Zero HIV Transmissions in Mixed–Status Couples Having Condomless Sex
March 5, 2014

US: Second attempt to modernise Iowa’s HIV-specific criminal law during current legislative session

Bill introduced to reform Iowa’s HIV criminalization law
February 19, 2014

Uganda: Village court finds 39 year-old woman guilty of infecting 5 teenage boys with HIV, despite no real evidence

Village court ’jails’ Masaka woman over HIV infections
February 17, 2014

UK: Young heterosexual man in Wales pleads not guilty to reckless HIV and hepatitis B transmission. Next hearing May 12

Man accused of infecting woman with HIV appears in court
February 17, 2014

Moving from potential complainant to anti-criminalisation advocate

Play Smart Together – with Dee Borrego – Visual AIDS
February 12, 2014

Canada: B.C. Supreme Court jury convicts Zimbabwean migrant of aggravated sexual assault for HIV non-disclosure

HIV–positive man found guilty of aggravated sexual assault for exposing sex partners
February 7, 2014

US: Mississippi man who spat at a cop during arrest charged under unscientific state HIV exposure law

Man accused of exposing Gulfport police officer to HIV
February 6, 2014

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