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[Update] UK: Lancashire man returns to court for 2nd charge of alleged HIV transmission

Lancashire man pleads guilty to infecting two women with HIV
August 15, 2018

US: Anti-criminalisation advocates worried about use of molecular surveillance to identify transmission clusters

Will the Genetic Analysis–Based HIV Surveillance Safeguard Privacy?
August 14, 2018

Tajikistan: Sex worker sentenced to one year in prison for alleged HIV transmission

Секс–работница, заразившая ВИЧ десяти мужчин, получила 1 год заключения
August 8, 2018

Russia: Russian Human Rights Council favors criminal punishment over education for HIV denialism, thought to be affecting minors’ HIV care

Russian Human Rights Council proposes criminal penalty for HIV denialism
August 8, 2018

Australia: Queensland police upgrades charges against man accused of spitting at security guard because of suggested HIV

Man’s spitting assault charges upgraded because he said he has HIV
August 7, 2018

Fiji: National Substance Abuse Advisory Council training of trainers workshop advises participants that having sex without disclosing is a criminal act

Knowingly spreading HIV is a crime
August 3, 2018

Singapore: 29-year-old man living with HIV sentenced to 2 years for HIV non-disclosure

Man jailed for not telling partner about his HIV status
August 2, 2018

Russia: 32-year-old man in Novosibirk fined and sentenced to 1.8 year in prison for alleged HIV transmission

Новосибирец специально заразил девушку ВИЧ. Ему дали почти 2 года строгого режима
August 1, 2018

[Update]Ireland: 28-year-old African migrant found guilty of ‘intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm’ sentenced to ten years

Man sentenced to ten years for infecting women with HIV
July 27, 2018

Media session at Beyond Blame preconference outlines stigmatising and harmful media reporting

5 Signs You’re Reading a Really Stigmatizing Story About HIV Criminalization
July 25, 2018

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