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France: Man living with HIV to appear in court in Perpignan 10 years after alleged HIV transmission

Assises : un Gardois accusé d’avoir transmis le VIH à sa compagne de 16 ans
December 4, 2016

Canada: HIV and Human Rights Organisations welcome Canadian Minister of Justice statement recognising the unjust Criminalisation of people with HIV

HIV and human rights organizations welcome federal governments interest in ending unjust hiv criminalization
December 2, 2016

Zimbabwe: Bulawayo man living with HIV faces charges of alleged HIV-exposure

Businessman up for exposing girlfriend to HIV
December 2, 2016

Matthew Weait, from the University of Portsmouth, writes on how stigma and the law affect the lives of people with HIV

HIV Stigma and the Criminal Law
December 2, 2016

Ethiopia: New report on HIV criminalisation law with a focus on Ethiopia concludes that the use of criminal law to address HIV is anappropriate

Reducing Vulnerabilities to HIV: Does the Criminalization of HIVAIDS Patients Contribute?
December 2, 2016

Canada: Canadian Report highlights a “clear pattern of racism” in media reporting of HIV-related offences

Media accused of racism in reporting HIV–related crime
December 2, 2016

US: Broad coalition takes on Missouri’s outdated and stigmatizing HIV criminal laws

Activists want to repeal Missouri HIV law
December 2, 2016

US: Report from Florida shows 22 people held in prison at the end of September under HIV criminalisation laws

Report on HIV Criminalization in Florida
December 1, 2016

Uganda: 5 months after filing their initial petition, activists renew their call to amend HIV law

Activists renew call for HIV law amendment
December 1, 2016

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