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Uganda: Man jailed for infecting mentally ill woman with HIV; fuels proposed ‘wilful’ transmission law debate

December 8, 2008

A 47 year-old HIV-positive man has been jailed for 14 years in Uganda for having sex with a mentally ill young woman and allegedly infecting her with HIV. Although there is currently no criminal HIV transmission in Uganda, the trial … More

Uganda: Proposed criminal HIV transmission laws opposed by advocates

November 1, 2008

Advocates living with HIV in Uganda are fighting tough new criminal HIV transmission laws originally proposed by President Museveni last year. Section 37 of the proposed HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Bill 2008 proposes to execute HIV-positive individuals who “knowingly infect … More

Uganda/Australia: Two ‘HIV-positive people’ murdered for alleged HIV exposure or transmission

August 18, 2008

Two disturbing case reports this week – one from Uganda and one from Australia – highlight the dangers that HIV-positive people face when they disclose (or when others disclose) their HIV status. In Uganda, a man allegedly hacked his wife … More

Uganda: Influential judge echoes Museveni’s calls for harsh criminal HIV transmission laws

July 2, 2008

An influential Ugandan judge has joined President Museveni in calling for tough laws for criminal HIV transmission. Justice David Wangutusi, director of Uganda’s Judicial Studies Institute told a judicial workshop on gender equality that HIV-positive husbands who conceal their HIV … More

Uganda: Responses to Museveni’s approach to criminalising HIV transmission

March 25, 2008

Following President Museveni’s call for the death penalty as the appropriate punishment for criminal HIV transmission last week, two articles have appeared in Ugandan newspapers criticising his approach. An editorial in Kampala’s newspaper, The Monitor, by Augustin Ruzindana, the Forum … More

Uganda: President Museveni calls for death penalty in criminal HIV transmission cases

March 20, 2008

President Yoweri Museveni has given a speech calling for the death penalty for anyone who is found guilty of Uganda’s proposed criminal HIV transmission laws. “I am glad to learn that the parliamentary committee on HIV/AIDS is coming up with … More

Africa’s HIV transmission laws based on questionable science

August 31, 2007

Africa’s HIV transmission laws based on questionable scienceby Cassandra Willyard, New York Nature Medicine 13, 890 (2007)Published online: 31 August 2007 Faced with an AIDS epidemic that kills millions every year, countries in sub-Saharan Africa are contemplating a new prevention … More

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