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Singapore: Two men with HIV jailed for non-disclosure to same man at different times

February 6, 2012

A 27 year-old former civil engineer and a 48 year-old married man who had casual sex at different times with a 37 year-old man (who subsequently tested HIV-positive) have each been sentenced to 18 months in prison because they did … More

Singapore: Man gets a year in prison for HIV exposure via oral sex

July 16, 2008

The first person to be convicted of HIV exposure in Singapore has been sentenced to a year in prison. Incredibly, the HIV-positive man performed oral sex in a public toilet, which, as I had noted in my previous blog posting … More

Singapore: Man pleads guilty to HIV exposure following oral sex

May 9, 2008

The first-ever prosecution for criminal HIV exposure is now taking place in Singapore, two weeks after a law increasing the maximum penalty from two to ten years – and making it illegal to have unprotected sex even if you suspect … More

Singapore: Government plans to criminalise ‘risky sex’ without prior disclosure

February 15, 2008

An interesting article from Bloomberg (which is usually more associated with business news than with HIV policy) on Singapore’s worrying plans to criminalise people who do not disclose they have previously had “unsafe” sex, and have “reason to believe” they … More

Singapore: Criminal HIV transmission laws proposed

September 30, 2007,4136,143384,00.html I may have HIV। Will you still sleep with me? Under proposed changes to law, those at risk must disclose sex history to partner TELL the truth, says a new legal proposal that seeks to put the onus on … More

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